Directed by Mark Bonanno (Aunty Donna)
Golden Gibbo Award Nominees - 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
VIC Raw State Finalists - 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Hey skanks,

We’re Col and Fil, two boyfriends who make queer comedy for normies. Our show is a sketch comedy extravaganza so good you'll wanna take it as a suppository!

You guys, this show is gay. But it's also straight. Does that make sense? What we mean is, this show is for everyone – for the guys who take PrEP every morning, plus the women they goss with at the watercooler, PLUS the boyfriends those women drag along who end up surprise loving it! Also grandmas.

'These guys are funnnnnyyyyy' - Anne Edmonds

'Makes big laughs look easy' - Beat Magazine