Having recently rewatched Love Actually for the 38th time, absurdist comedian Sophia Morrison knows her way around a classic rom-com. Her latest solo show Pash Rash dives heart first into Sophia’s cringey first relationship. Having grown up glued to romantic movies and books, Pash Rash explores their sticky influence on Sophia's love life. Jumping through an ensemble of silly characters as well as time and space, nothing is too weird nor too dramatic for Sophia. From the stoic Mr Darcy to the arsehole Jude Law plays in every movie (no, seriously every movie), this one woman show makes fun of the men we were all told to love.

Reviews of Sophia Morrison’s past shows
“A natty, snappy and surprisingly happy offering, I was blown away by the excellence of Lovely!” Reviews by Judith

“Morrison’s absurdist performance delivered a humorous, touching, and thoroughly lovely insight into how her experience of dyslexia has coloured her life.” pulp media

“Morrison’s stagecraft is exceptional” Reviews by Judith

“Performance art at its best” pulp media