In an attempt to escape actual state surveillance, not-actually-dead Beth McMullen had a rebirthing ceremony in a stormwater drain, married herself and changed her name. It didn't work, the surveillance squad still found her, and now a photo of her nipple is in a legal document. At least now she's got a sick nom de guerre (it means 'stage name', you philistine). 
Meet the no-longer-cursed version of the comedian-formerly-known-as somebody you've probably never heard, as Sadie Bruce Lomack presents her semi-debut stand up hour. 
Come for the actually-true story about the nipple, stay for the actual photo* of the nipple. 
*no on-stage nudity or your money back 100% guaranteed™️! 
"Effortlessly charming" - TIMEOUT 
"Difficult to write about critically" - also TIMEOUT 
"Urgent and very, very funny...she does not hold back" - The Big Smoke 
Be like the surveillance van and follow her too: @sadiebrucelol