He was the producer of ABC’s cult hit series Finding Drago (and the follow up Finding Desperado), Alice Fraser Trilogy and Little Tiny. He composed the music for ABC Unravel’s Snowball series and sound designed Conversations From the Abyss and Little Bad Thing.

He has been performing at the Sydney Fringe, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festival since 2012 and in The Before Times he travelled the world teaching improv everywhere from Chicago to Dubai.

In his first live solo show since the 2020 lockdown, Bryce is going to do something he hasn’t done in a while: have fun in public.


"Halliday is charismatic and open with the audience, creating a captivating atmosphere for the show. His songs embrace a diverse range of sounds, from heartfelt ballads to comic, up-tempo piano numbers. He even incorporates a soundboard, which adds an extra sonic layer to his compositions." - Aussie Theatre

"Finding Drago makes most investigative podcasts done by actual journalists sound amateur in comparison." - BirthMoviesDeath.com

"Halliday’s voice is as smooth as his delivery and his musicality is first rate." - Ben Neutze.

"I actually enjoyed him having the time of his life dancing." - Weekend Notes